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Yielding to fear – – NOT AN OPTION

JUST A REMINDER!! Keep going.  There is no failure in trying.  The one who fails is the one who doesn’t try for fear of failing!! Learn from trying, learn from failing – – learn how to succeed. Give yourself permission … Continue reading

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Hashtag LoveTrumpsHate Hashtag MakeAmericaGreatAgain Hashtag WHEREISTHELOVE

I am not going to talk politics. I am talking love verses hate. My heart is so heavy concerning so much that I see on Facebook, the news, and what I hear people saying and doing.  It is hate-filled and … Continue reading

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This week I am going to focus on …discipline.  Self-discipline to be specific. Holidays, weekends, and celebrations have quickly given me a reason to veer from my nutrition plans.  Not feeling well, schedule changes and “life” have caused me to … Continue reading

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Gratitude Log

*I got this idea from a facebook post shared from 104.9 The River. This is my GRATITUDE LOG.  Weekly, I will add one thing a week for which I am grateful. January 8 – My Faith in God.  Because it … Continue reading

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Staying free

Do not let how others treat you effect who you are towards them. Remain your authentic self. What do I mean?  If you are a greeter and you see them out and about – – still say “Hi” even if … Continue reading

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Today I cried….. My niece inspired me so much today.  She and her family are launching out into the deep after a dream. ( I cried because at 20 something she isn’t afraid to take a chance on her dreams, but … Continue reading

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