Preparing for a good New Year

I find this is a time for reflection, looking within and evaluating choices, decisions and plans. In nature winter time is a time of hibernation and preparing for spring growth and blooming. Plants and animals alike use this time to survive off of stored energy or food. They have eliminated what is unnecessary and cut... Continue Reading →


Pruning Is Necessary

Sometimes you have to simplify in order to expand.... There is a churning in my spirit that kind of seems to defy words.  A yearning to launch out, to expand, to delve deeper.  So I have found myself doing a lot of introspective looking.  What I found is that I have engaged in quite a... Continue Reading →

Change your MINDSET

Honestly, I was lamenting over the start of my next graduate class... Data Managment, which is a nice phasing for "Statistics".  Statistics holds bad memories for me - it was my "D" in college.  The professor spoke "Greek", and spoke a native foreign tongue - so understanding him was really difficult for me. The room... Continue Reading →

Just let it go

When you find you’ve taken on too much, added things you really aren’t interested in, obligated yourself where you really shouldn’t have; make a change. Let things go.  We are so guilty of feeling like we “have to” do/be/go so many things; we don’t. Let stuff go, re-capture your balance. Live a life you enjoy.... Continue Reading →


This week I am going to focus on …discipline.  Self-discipline to be specific. Holidays, weekends, and celebrations have quickly given me a reason to veer from my nutrition plans.  Not feeling well, schedule changes and “life” have caused me to fall off on my exercise goals and other projects. So this week, I have re-engaged... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Log

*I got this idea from a facebook post shared from 104.9 The River. This is my GRATITUDE LOG.  Weekly, I will add one thing a week for which I am grateful. January 8 - My Faith in God.  Because it gives me strength and hope to move from day to day.  My rock, my shelter,... Continue Reading →

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