Staying free

Do not let how others treat you effect who you are towards them. Remain your authentic self.

What do I mean?  If you are a greeter and you see them out and about – – still say “Hi” even if they don’t say anything back.   If you feel led to check on them do it, even it you know they won’t respond back.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter how they treat you – you just need to remain free in your heart.  Letting how they treat you dictate who you are regarding them, gives them a negative power over you. For example – you feel led to pray for someone, but won’t because of how they have treated you.  They don’t loose; you do.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying chase after people. Use wisdom.  Take your lead from how they treat you and spend time with them accordingly.   If someone can’t ever seem to make time to hang out its okay; just stop asking them to do things.

Never let how someone treats you cause you to harden your heart towards them; stay free.




About JAM Living Out Loud

I am a happy work in progress. Learning daily more about me and the plans God has for me. I’m a Mom, Grandmom, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. I am a photography fanatic, a lover of yummy food and love all things travel and nature. I am a happy soul seeking all that life has to offer me and sharing my journey.
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