Living On Purpose

To me this said or your serious about your goals/dreams or just playing around.

To me this said are you serious about your goals/dreams or just playing around.


It’s not the start of the year, beginning of the month or even week for that matter; but I feel the need for change.  This image was part of a post my cousin posted and it got me thinking.

Living on Purpose is about actively doing things that propel me forward in achieving my goals or dreams.  Choosing actions or creating opportunities regularly to expand my knowledge, increase my portfolio and not just waiting for them to “happen”.

So, I’m going to pray and create a plan of “Purpose” regarding photography and fitness/nutrition.  I don’t expect it to be easy and I may stumble, but I believe that once God puts something in your heart; and you set your mind to it— He will help bring it to pass.



About JAM Living Out Loud

I am a happy work in progress. Learning daily more about me and the plans God has for me. I’m a Mom, Grandmom, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. I am a photography fanatic, a lover of yummy food and love all things travel and nature. I am a happy soul seeking all that life has to offer me and sharing my journey.
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